Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Sweet Little Bridal Shower Gift

So there's two reason's why I gave my cousin this gift for her lovely Bridal Shower:
1.) I always love to give something with a personal touch and if at all possible, some hand-made element 
2.) I am a procrastinator lately, since having two children under 4 yrs old - my time and patience (especially patience) is extremely limited, hence this gift, that included absolutely nothing from her registry (sorry, Cate & Cam!)
and I guess there's a third reason too - I'd like to think that I know her style, at least a little and also, she actually told me that she loved these goblets!

So the plaque is hand-made and the basket includes goblets, paper straws, an apron, dishtowels, a candle and some paper napkins. I shopped at Homegoods, Michaels, and Walmart for all the items.

Anyhow, hope this gives you an idea for your next Bridal Shower/Wedding gift if you're a procrastinator like me!

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