Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Impromptu Tea Party

So I have to come clean with you guys, things may seem pretty perfect to my fellow blog viewers but the reality is, well, I'm sorry to break it to you, it's not. The truth is, I only post the joyful moments, or at least the attempt at these moments. As much as I try to keep a peaceful, fun, safe, quiet, harmonious, clean & organized household, I cannot. Well not every moment of every day so I try and make up for it - by having special Friday night movie nights (complete with a new Redbox rental, popcorn, and candy - yes candy), spur of the moment trips to the park (sometimes with a picnic lunch or the girls' favorite snack), a special surprise when mom or dad gets home from the store, pancakes with whipped cream & sprinkles, a quick sensory activity that usually includes water (Madeline's favorite). I guess they are my attempts at apologizing for not preparing Madeline more for the arrival of Amelia and to Amelia for having to face a daily battle with her big sister. Just little things here and there that I try and use to compensate for the turmoil around here lately. It's been tough, there are lots of moments of jealousy, frustration, fear, and sheer annoyance. And with Madeline, there are very few moments of sheer bliss which makes me sad, as I think someone as young as her should be blissful more often than not-or at least wake up in a good mood once in a while!

I'm hoping that we will learn how to work through things and it will come easier with time. I hope this distaste for one another will eventually go away and Madeline & Amelia will be the best of friends. And most of all, I hope that we can all look back on these baby/toddler years and have a great laugh because they are all behind us. Don't get me wrong, I love their itty bittyness through and through and I try to enjoy the moments whatever they are, but I can definitely see how things will improve with time; when we can stay out longer because we don't have to worry about fear of public restrooms or nap times or peed out diapers or exhaustion from having to schlep two little, very dependent, kids around and not to mention all their gear. I will also be able to leave them to play independently so they won't be in each other's space all the time. Sleep will eventually become better (fingers crossed). Madeline will be able to express her feelings in a more constructive way and Amelia will be able to stick up for herself.
So in the end, time is really all we need, I think so at least.

So as a spur of the moment activity, last Friday we had a morning of shopping in downtown Stuart. We were on a mission to find the girls' Auntie Pam, a very belated, Birthday gift. We of course hit up our favorite April Daze and a quaint little shop called Matilda's - it's reminiscent of a Paper Source only on a much smaller scale - they sell quirky gifts, stationary and I'm pretty sure some Lily Pulitzer pieces. Really cute store! They have a table set up in their stationary section - I think it's to sit down with clients to get an idea for custom card orders - anyhow, everytime we go they have these gigantic knitted dolls & animals placed around the table, and wouldn't you know it, everytime Miss Madeline asks if she can sit down with them and have a tea party! Well I had an idea to set up a little party while the girls were napping & surprise them with their very own tea party, complete with gigantic stuffed animals, real cookies & a few pieces of candy. Needless to say they were thrilled but the party unfortunately came to an end when Amelia got on top of the table and started dancing - don't most parties end that way?!

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  1. Happy to know about this tea party. I am planning an exhibition of the antique pieces of my personal collection at one of the spacious Seattle venues in a couple of weeks. Hope to finalize one soon and get good response from the viewers.


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