Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter egg stuffers - candy alternatives

 So if you know me, you know that I don't really love for my kids to have candy. Yes, of course it's not good for them but also, I can never find an appropriate time to load them up on sugar. You know, because it will mess with their naps, bedtime, etc. (aka-my sanity).
Anyhow, if you've visited iheartpaperdesigns blog, you also know how much Madeline loves her little things so what a great opportunity to add to her every growing collection of junk! Anyhow, here are some alternatives to candy that are hopefully new & fun and inspire you to fill your eggs with something different this year. We've actually gotten a few compliments on them at some egg hunts that we've already attended.

Mini Playdough tubs with cutters/stampers
Finger puppets
Small Dinosaurs
Mini lego type figures
Light up, water filled, bouncy balls
Hair ties
Cookie cutters
Wind up chicks & bunnies
Disney figurines
Stretchy Bunnies

And of course I'm not that horrible of a mom, I did throw in a few of our favorite sweet treats:
Organic fruit snacks
Lindor Truffles

Can't wait until our Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday to see how all the littles like their treats!

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