Thursday, January 14, 2016


Dear friends and family,
Please, do not dis-own me, de-friend me or forget that I exist. I am still here, I'm just a stay at home mom with very little time for myself and seemingly no time for social gatherings outside of story time, the local park or play dates with two amazing little beings. I love you all and I hope you still feel the same about me. I just ask that you please be patient with me while I navigate through the next two years, after that I think things will come a lot easier - fingers crossed! It's just the chaos of everyday life is getting the best of me and in turn, the best of us. I am on a mission however, to be the most organized, clutter free, centered person I can.

And so this is it, this is the year that I get organized! I can feel it. I mean I have to right?, now that I have this nifty planner and accessories! Oh, if it were only that easy......But honestly, I really need to get organized, not for my own good but I really see how we're all suffering due to my lack of planning, non-existent schedule & clutter. I'm off to a good start though, I already have a couple of things planned for the year, they are in my planner in INK which is like basically being etched in stone (well in my mind at least). My vision is clear, I just need to follow through. So now I ask you to come with me on this journey. Any advice, tips, or just words of inspiration are welcomed and appreciated.

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