Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's Here!

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I can't believe it's already December 1st - seriously! Where did the time go? I think it's lost somewhere between graduating High School and having a 2nd kid! When I was little, I remember the year dragged and dragged and I just couldn't wait for Christmas. And then the week leading up to Christmas was like torture - "When will it end?  Where is Santa already? Ugh!". Now, omg, it's like we're in a time machine that just keeps speeding up with every passing year. I feel old. But I digress and I'm actually here to tell you about my most favorite (new) Christmas tradition that I'm starting with my girls. An advent calendar!!! (or this year, you can call it a daily calendar filled with little junk that Madeline is going to love!). I don't know if it's my fascination with little things or foil wrapped chocolate or having something waiting for me every morning for an entire month, but I know this for sure, I love me an advent calendar. This year the plan was to make one, very simple but serves it's purpose. However, like with my many projects, procrastination has gotten the best of me and I am scrounging around trying to get it ready! I will post pics of the completed calendar within the next few days. But now I'm going to show you the goodies that made the final cut. And here they are:

Cute Animal Erasers
Mini Rudolph Book
Elsa Felt Finger Puppet
Girl Stamper
Cinderella Figurine
Nutcracker Ornament
Mini Paint Set and Hand-made Notebook
Aurora Figurine
Ariel Felt Finger Puppet
Mini Owl Button
Minnie Mouse Eraser
Nesting Dolls

And this isn't the calendar that we're using but isn't it super cute? For $3 from Target, you can't go wrong-and I have some ideas for this next year. And just so you know, the pockets are big enough to fit a candy or small trinket.

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