Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Eggnog is back!

Don't mind our dirty shoes

So Sunday brought many, many things for us - aka I was extremely busy preparing for the holiday season. Here's a run down of what happened: woke up and added packages to the advent calendar. I typed and printed a letter from "Santa" letting Madeline know Eggnog, our Kindness Elf was here for a 12 day visit. That's right, only 12 days. I can't understand people that do this every - single - day of the month, it's exhausting! But good for you, I can appreciate your hard work! I also got everything out for our visit from "St. Nicholas". You can find info on "St. Nicholas Day" here. And lastly, I got my "Ikea shopping list" ready for our visit to the most magical place in the world - IKEA!!! (well besides Disney). I wanted to go to Ikea this month because I needed stuff - we ended up getting one of their small artificial Christmas trees which I will post pics of as soon as it's decorated. It's a rather sparse tree but I like it, it's kinda of what I wanted (you'll see what I'm talking about). I also got some furniture that I had been eyeing for a while and also some party supplies and a Pink Flamingo for Maddie, because what is Christmas in Florida without a Flamingo? And lastly, its almost like a tradition to go during the month of December.

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