Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween and Welcome to our "Town of Terror" (and my favorite Holiday craft this season)

I haven't really been super into the holidays this year but thought that I really needed to get back in the game because of my daughter. She is crazy about the holidays. CRAZY. We put her Christmas tree up in September as per her request. I attribute it to the fact that we read holiday books all year round and they are by far her favorite.
And speaking of favorite, this is one of my favorite crafts, of all time I think. Perhaps because it was super easy, or maybe because it was super cheap or maybe because it's super creepy. Now I can't take any of the credit what-so-ever, I got the idea here. The 36th Avenue is one of my favorite places to look for inspiring, innovative craft ideas - you should check it out for this and other stuff too!
Now the only difference between my craft and their's is the fact that they actually sell creepy village houses now so you don't have to hope that your local dollar store has their Christmas decor up already (which, thank-goodness, mine did not). I got all the village pieces, spider webs, black gauze and trees at Dollar Tree-hehe, the spray paint I purchased from Michaels and got it for $3.50 b/c I used a 40% off coupon. And, cool thing about setting up "M's" tree early, I had access to some Christmas lights that I used as a base to my "Town of Terror". So in the end, the whole thing cost me a total of $16.50(+tax).
I wanted to spray it all black, I thought it gave a more creepy effect. Plus the paint job on the houses looked like I let my 10 mo. old do it while she was asleep with one hand tied behind her back (no offense Dollar Tree painters).
Well here you go. And I think you still have time to make it to the stores today and make your own "Town of Terror" Bwahahahah (imagine this in a spooky deep voice).

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