Friday, July 3, 2015

Sand Play Dough - another indoor activity!

So here we are again, on a sweltering hot day with nothing to do. Hmmm, what's that you say? You want to play in the sand? Well how about we bring it indoors? Minimal mess - check! Minimal prep time - check! Loads of fun - check! What am I talking about you ask? Well Sand Play Dough - of course! I am in love with a couple of blogs right now and the one that has kept me coming back for little people inspiration is definitely this site: mamapapabubba - it's not only useful and chock full of sensory, tactile, and educational fun, but her photos are beautiful and an inspiration in themselves. This mama sure has it going on! Oh and did I mention she also has recipes for food that the kiddos can join in on. I totally recommend checking out her site - I feel lucky to have stumbled across it.

I found it a while back and kind of forgot about it since we had been going out to play and didn't really need to fill our day up with activities that revolve around our home. But as summer approached, I knew I was going to need a long list of things that we could do inside, but not lose that "outside" experience - (if that makes sense?). We've been doing a lot of water play so I decided to do something a little different. Sand play dough seemed like the perfect answer. Here's the link for the Sand Play Dough recipe. I hope it brings you as much fun as it brought us!

A miniature island

Lucky to have seashells, sea glass and mini palm trees and sand pails laying around!

Next time I'll make pina coladas - virgin of course! and put on some Jimmy Buffet! Ha!

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