Sunday, July 19, 2015

Just a cute little camera

I've been wanting to get/make Madeline a camera for the longest time. She has the habit of picking up random items and using them as a camera. Hmm, I wonder where she ever got the idea to take pictures? I'm actually surprised that she has such an interest in photography considering the fact that she despises the torturous photo sessions that I have painstakingly been setting-up for her since birth. In any case, I wouldn't be surprised if she grew up to be the next Ansel Adams (that would be pretty amazing, actually). As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of home-made things. It's not that I dislike plastic, I just love wood-crafted, hand-painted, hand-sewn, hot-glued things.....So I told my dad the idea I was brewing up and he went into his garage only to reappear with this - a piece of wood that was practically screaming "make me into a camera!". And so it turned into this project that my husband and I worked on over the course of a few days. And I think that's what I love most about it. He's not the most crafty guy in the world so for him to take his time drilling holes into a silly piece of wood, well my heart melted a little. We went back and forth a little on whether we should buy or make something, he even checked Walmart only to come home empty handed (lucky for me because I knew I wasn't going to be happy with anything they had on their shelves). Another reason I love this cute little camera is because of how much little Miss M loves it! She really does. We originally made it to take on our vacation but since we've been home, she is constantly searching for her camera so she can start clicking away. I love it! It was simple too, all the pieces we used to make it came from Michaels (with the exception of the piece for the camera body & the fabric - which is from JoAnn's).
Say Cheese!

Just a few simple supplies

And I thought this would be a fun project for us to work on! A sweet photographer friend of mine gave me this book for my birthday. As we were making the camera, I thought of it and how fun it would be to take on this challenge with my Madeline, my budding little photog.

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