Monday, June 1, 2015

Countertop Basket Tute

I've been trying to save time in the most basic ways, including the way I spend my time in the kitchen. I like my counters to be clutter free for the most part, with the exception of countertop appliances, recipe box and some other random things. But I recently realized that I had to give up a little real estate to make cooking a bit more efficient. It was becoming a huge hassle going into the cabinet for spices (that I use often) and in the pantry (for oils), if you've ever seen my kitchen you can understand why. So began my search for a tray, basket, etc., to house such items in one convenient place. 
How excited was I to find this cute basket in a thrift shop?! I don't even know what the color of the basket was but I did know that it really wasn't my style, so I pulled out my supplies and got to work! I knew I needed a stable base for my bottles to sit on so I grabbed a piece of cardboard and cut to fit in the bottom of the basket. I then covered the cardboard with some adhesive shelf liner so I could just wipe it down when it got oil or splatters on it.

Cardboard for insert
Adhesive shelf liner
Spray paint

Spray paint basket

Cut shelf liner leaving half inch border

Cut notch out of each corner

 Fold pieces over edge of cardboard

Follow method on each side

Voila! Basket insert complete!
Place in bottom of basket for a stable base and now you have a cute countertop basket!

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