Wednesday, May 20, 2015

There is hope for me yet!

I'm hoping that all of my friends & family who have given up on learning to sew, will find some inspiration in this post. If I can do it - you can totally do it! This is my second sewing project and although Martha Stewart might turn her nose up at it, I think I did a pretty darn good job. Yeah, if you look closely, some of the stitching is not perfect and my ruffles are a little crooked but for a little girls' apron, I think these details will go unnoticed. (unless you're like my daughter and freaks out at the tiniest thread hanging around-sheesh!-luckily the apron isn't for her!).
I had a little of guidance from my mom-in-law on the ruffles and way back when my mom showed me a thing or two, but I can honestly say that me and Youtube working together ultimately figured out how to use my sewing machine. I've had the old gal longer than I've been with my husband and thought it was high time to put it to use. And I did! Now there are so many sewing projects that I want to tackle - it's opened up a whole new creative world to me - exciting stuff here people!

So I'd just like to share some tips with you about my journey:
1.) PATIENCE - with anything new and foreign that you're learning, patience is key. Be easy on yourself, Martha wasn't Martha overnight, she had to learn like everyone else. Just try & try & try again - you'll get it, I promise!
2.) Read your manual - I know it sounds cliche' but you really will have to pick it up at some point (which I was so reluctant to do).
3.) Don't let the numbers/dials scare you - I'm the type of person that freaks out at the mere thought of having to work with numbers. But you know what, I taught myself how to use my camera and that is pretty much all about numbers - this was definitely a motivating factor for me. Plus with a sewing machine, the numbers are really just to tell you which direction to move your dial or a symbol, if you will, for what stitch you should use - no mathematics required!
4.) YOU TUBE - I'm telling you, it's the best! Even though all sewing machines vary in looks, capabilities, etc., they ultimately do the same thing - put thread through fabric. It's all generally the same info and for things that differ, refer to your manual.

So that's it folks! I hope you'll leave here today with a new found excitement for that thing on your bucket list that you've been meaning to tackle! It's such a feeling of accomplishment just to learn something new and guess what? I got a really cute apron out of it!
I'd love to hear the things that you have recently learned or plan on conquering! If you'd like to leave a comment, make sure you follow me below!
Thanks and have a creative day!

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