Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh no...Mother's day is this Sunday?!?

Have no fear - we have some great last-minute gift ideas! 
If you haven't guessed, we love handmade things around here. And what a perfect opportunity to get our creativity fired up and make some oh-so-adorable (and quick and easy) gifts for our lovely moms (and grandmas).

Most toddlers, and Maddie is no exception, have a very short attention span, therefore I knew the projects we were going to do would require something quick but engaging at the same time. So I brainstormed and came up with three lovely gifts and lucky for us, we had all the material on hand with the exception of the glass jar (similar). (We got our jar from TJ Maxx for $2.99).

Here's what we made:

Mother's Day Poster
Paper Doll Garland
Lavender Salt Scrub

The poster was super easy - I took a piece of paper from her Ikea easel and drew a picture with a Sharpie. I pulled out all her craft stuff, then I let her go to town. I have to say she lost interest after she painted the cat so next time I'll fill it up with cats and see if she paints the entire picture?!? (my crazy cat lady daughter).

The paper doll garland was a quick fix to a kit I've been swooning over from Paper Source. Call me crazy but I refuse to pay $19.95 + S&H for a paper doll kit! Hopefully one day I'll make it down to our "local" shop (which is actually about 30+ mins away). The kit we used I had picked up from the Dollar Tree a little while back. It would also be super easy to make yourself if you have all the paper and materials on hand.

And finally the Lavender Bath Salt was a great activity for Maddie since she loves pouring and helping out in the kitchen. I got the recipe from our coveted copy of Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids book. The recipe can also be found here: Homemade Bath Salts. (we omitted the food coloring since we didn't have anything "natural" on hand).

Well I hope you guys find inspiration in our creations if you're stuck on what to get your mom or grandma on this wonderful day!

Mother's Day Poster

Paper Doll Garland

Lavender Salt Scrub

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