Saturday, May 30, 2015

Water play: Minnie Mouse Style

It's starting to get a bit harder for us to leave the house lately for whatever reason - I'm going to say it's that Amelia is awake more during the day and commands more attention and it's just so absolutely, sweltering hot outside! (and it's not even technically summer yet-oy!) Not to worry though, we've been keeping busy. I bought a couple of these pretty fantastic waterproof blankets at Walmart and they have been a life saver. They travel well, fold-up easily and clean up great in the wash. I really can't recommend them enough. And boy did they come in handy when we had an impromptu water play idea. Today, while we were playing with Minnie & the Gang, I decided that it would be fun for everyone to have a beach party bash!

So I gathered a few items we had from around the house:
Plastic Bin
Blue Plastic Bowl
Palm Trees
Slide, Diving Board & Boat from our water table
Mini Pail & Shovel (aka - party favor & spoon from her "Green Toys" dish set)
Sand from her sandbox
And of course "M & the Gang"

Needless to say, everything ended up in the blue bowl including the sand and it was a total mess but definitely worth it and easy clean up thanks to my amazing waterproof blanket!
It was quite a hit and so easy to throw together. Seriously! You can do this with tons of other things as well - last week I gathered some branches, leaves, river rocks and sea creatures to make our own little estuary - it kept her attention for a good hour (maybe even longer?!?) We are going to have a mermaid water play theme next week and then we'll do some bigger sea creatures like sharks and whales - oh the possibilities are endless. It's nice sometimes to bring the outdoors in when you need to.

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