Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Creativity Challenge

I was really hoping to get in a blog update everyday, but for me, it's pretty near impossible - not that I don't have things to say but I always want to post something remotely interesting (which to me, MUST include pictures) and I just don't get the chance for an assortment of reasons. I promise we are being quite creative though. Whether it's making paper dolls, painting a picture, sewing, making wooden toys, photographing pretty things, baking something in the kitchen or even drawing up some new floor plan ideas for our home - we are tinkering with something on a daily basis.
Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a simple apron pattern. (I will post a pic of the final product once I'm done with it).
First, find an apron
Next, trace the apron
Then, cut the outline
And finally, trace the pattern onto the fabric and cut out the fabric.
(I gave myself a half inch border so I had some room to hem up the edges)

And that's it - doesn't get much easier than that folks!

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