Monday, March 30, 2015

Creative Challenge

So yeah, sure, whatever, I guess I did go slightly overboard around Christmas - but not as overboard as I had planned. I had this grand vision of making Christmas gifts for all my family and friends. And we hosted Christmas eve and Christmas dinner at our house. Oh wait, did I mention I was 9 months pregnant? Hmm, I guess it's no wonder that I had a stress fracture in my foot! Bare feet, tile floors, playing Santa and chasing a two year old around are not a good combo (apparently). So enough of feeling sorry for myself and back to where I was going with this story. My vision was intact but my execution, well, not so much. I did however manage to make a couple of gifts (see below) and it gave me the motivation to continue with this crafting frenzy.
So I'm challenging myself, and I'll be accountable to friends, my family and my fellow followers, to continue this creative journey I've set out on. I'm going to do something creative everyday and share it with you here, on my humble little blog. Your comments, questions, and words of advice will be appreciated and will keep me going because lord knows I'm going to need encouragement to keep it up. I hope that you'll find my creations inspiring. Maybe you'll make something just like mine (which I'd love to see) or it will motivate you to challenge yourself with something that you've always wanted to do. Or maybe it will just give you some comic relief to see something that may have turned into a "Pinterest Nailed It" project. Any way you take it, I hope it will be positive and I hope you'll come and check up on me everyday.
Well I'd better go now, I've got some creating to do!

 Compact Dollhouse
 Garden Stone

 Nest Necklace
Connecticut & Tennessee

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