Saturday, July 2, 2016

Time to Cook (but not really)! THE best play kitchen ever!

Best play kitchen ever!

So I've been dying to share the greatest kitchen of all time! It really is the greatest, I mean aside from the fact that you can't actually cook anything in it, it is my dream kitchen - just miniaturized!
And there are a few reason's this is so special to me - first of all it was a collaboration between my mother-in-law, my mom, me and my dad (mostly my dad though). Also, the entertainment center was from my Auntie Emma and Uncle Bobby's home and they are two of my favorite peeps! And the kitty clock was from Grandpa Coco. Another reason I covet this little gem, it's made of wood and well, you know, I have an affinity for any toy made of wood.

So the story started like this - "Mom, what do you think about Daddy making a play kitchen for Madeline? (at the time she was our only baby) I think that's a great idea, your dad needs to keep busy with something." A week later, Miss M. had her very own play kitchen! And it couldn't be cuter, really. I picked the colors and the basic design and my dad put all the touches on it, the cook top, the faucet, the sink, the handles, and the window and sill. I found the fabric at JoAnn and made the curtains with the help of my mother-in-law. We of course added all the play food and it has been quite a hit with the girls and their friends. I love so much about it but especially the fact that it's a toy and unobtrusive to the eye like, let's face it, most toys out there are a little "loud". And it actually goes quite well with the decor in our home.

Well I hope you enjoy looking at this kitchen as much as we do.
BTW, do you have any kid toy DIY's? Share them in the comments if you would like! And thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

House Tour

Now that our house is on the market, I think it's about time that I let you guys in. It's finally to the point where I originally envisioned it (and how ironic that we're moving?!-but isn't that how it usually goes?), with the exception of the kitchen. If we had decided to stay, we had plans to paint the cabinets white, add a light counter top and backsplash and hang a bit more art up around the barren walls. The kitchen really is beautiful as is, just not necessarily our style. Otherwise, I think we had gotten the house to a point where it was working efficiently for all of us. But now we're uprooting everyone so we can be closer - closer to family, friends, shopping, dining, entertainment, etc, etc, etc.

And please check back soon to keep posted on our move. Getting ready to post some ideas for our new "tiny home"! Super excited about this new adventure!

Well take a look around and let me know what you think?

Thanks for stopping by!

Miss Madeline's Room

Miss Amelia's playroom turned bedroom (hence all the books and toys in the space)

Yup, just about the coolest play kitchen ever (I'll do a post on that later on this week)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wooden Peg People Wedding Cake Topper

Hi! No, I haven't forgotten about you all, I've just been home creating in a couple of new and exciting ways. I will post more on that in the days to come but for now I'll leave you with my latest creation - a Custom Wedding Cake Topper. This one was for my beautiful cousin and her handsome husband. Congrats to you two!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Sweet Little Bridal Shower Gift

So there's two reason's why I gave my cousin this gift for her lovely Bridal Shower:
1.) I always love to give something with a personal touch and if at all possible, some hand-made element 
2.) I am a procrastinator lately, since having two children under 4 yrs old - my time and patience (especially patience) is extremely limited, hence this gift, that included absolutely nothing from her registry (sorry, Cate & Cam!)
and I guess there's a third reason too - I'd like to think that I know her style, at least a little and also, she actually told me that she loved these goblets!

So the plaque is hand-made and the basket includes goblets, paper straws, an apron, dishtowels, a candle and some paper napkins. I shopped at Homegoods, Michaels, and Walmart for all the items.

Anyhow, hope this gives you an idea for your next Bridal Shower/Wedding gift if you're a procrastinator like me!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Little Mermaid Illustration

Just a little mermaid for a sweet girl.
Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter egg stuffers - candy alternatives

 So if you know me, you know that I don't really love for my kids to have candy. Yes, of course it's not good for them but also, I can never find an appropriate time to load them up on sugar. You know, because it will mess with their naps, bedtime, etc. (aka-my sanity).
Anyhow, if you've visited iheartpaperdesigns blog, you also know how much Madeline loves her little things so what a great opportunity to add to her every growing collection of junk! Anyhow, here are some alternatives to candy that are hopefully new & fun and inspire you to fill your eggs with something different this year. We've actually gotten a few compliments on them at some egg hunts that we've already attended.

Mini Playdough tubs with cutters/stampers
Finger puppets
Small Dinosaurs
Mini lego type figures
Light up, water filled, bouncy balls
Hair ties
Cookie cutters
Wind up chicks & bunnies
Disney figurines
Stretchy Bunnies

And of course I'm not that horrible of a mom, I did throw in a few of our favorite sweet treats:
Organic fruit snacks
Lindor Truffles

Can't wait until our Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday to see how all the littles like their treats!

Easter Sensory Bin

Just a quick change up from our St. Patrick's Day sensory bin.
We kept the same colored beans but added some plastic eggs, a cute mini basket, some glittery bunnies, a few pastel pouch caps & kept the tongs. An easy update and loads of fun!
Images by Freepik